Is eminent domain still used in America?



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    Yes.  There is a lot to know about Eminent Domain, but in the United States it is based on the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution: the entitlement of a landowner to be reasonably compensated for their private land, according to fair market value.  Eminent Domain refers to the power of the state over all property within the state, as it extends to private property which it can appropriate for public use.  There are some famous cases in history regarding Eminent Domain, one of the most recent of which occurred in 2005: Kelo v. City of New London.  Please see the links for more information.

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    Yes. Here is an article documenting a recent occurrence and the controversial nature of eminent domain:

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    And in Montana, this year (2011) a law was passed giving corporations (specifically, power companies) eminent domain to condemn private land to erect huge towers for electric transmission lines. I have not provided any links, because the two sides are dramatically different in their takes on the issue. But there is a grass roots movement to get the law repealed.

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