effects of disturbance in nitrogen cycle on human beings

like blue babies etc



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    Disturbances in the nitrogen cycle contribute to forms of water, air, and soil pollution. Methemoglobinemia (blue baby syndrome) is one effect of excess nitrogen in our water system. Increased nitrogen in the atmosphere (it is one of the greenhouse gases) creates more photochemical smog, which contributes to respiratory disease. Excess nitrogen in our air and water is also believed to increase rates of cardiac disease and certain cancers.

    Not all of the consequences of nitrogen pollution are as clear as these diseases. Disrupting nitrogen in ecosystems could increase the spread of West Nile virus, malaria, and cholera. Soil fertility has decreased because of our nitrogen extraction. Calcium and potassium have also decreased. This reduces biodiversity, because certain plants and animals that depend on these nutrients can no longer survive. This is changing the make-up of estuaries and other coastal habitats. Marine life is particularly affected by acidification from nitrogen. Declines in fish populations hurt fisheries, upon which many human livelihoods depend.

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