Is eczema of the skin caused by environmental factors?



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    possibly, but not the only cause

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    Rigibson is correct — eczema may be caused or exacerbated by environmental factors, but environmental factors are not the sole cause of the chronic skin disorder. 

    Eczema results from an allergic-like reaction brought on by a number of different triggers.  These include things like temperature, added fragrance or dyes, animal dander, pollen, water and stress.  Flare-ups vary from person to person and are not always attributable to the same irritants.  

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    Eczema cannot actually be caused by environmental factors because its cause is linked with genes, but allergens and irritants can definitely cause outbreaks and flare-ups in a person that already has eczema. Wool can cause flare ups, and is often cited as an irritant. I know someone with a pretty harsh case of it, and anything from dogs to soaps and lotions (unless they are completely natural and fragrance-free) will cause flare ups. Foods like milk, eggs, wheat, and fish can also be a factor.

    Contact dermatitis is a conditions very similar to eczema, but is not caused by genetic predisposition. This results in an inflamed patch of skin where it came in contact with the irritant that should go away in time if contact stops. Nickel is the most common cause. It can be found in some jewelry, jean studs, and other clothing items that have metal in them, like bras.

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