Is economic growth bad for the environment?



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    Only in that it may cause more consumption of resources that may not use green or sustainable methods to increase profits.

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    I think it’s possible to have economic growth as well as being environmentally smart. Just look at Denmark! They are the greenest country and have a booming economy. 

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    Brazil is another example of an economy which uses renewable energy for economic benefit. When aq government has economic policy set up around renewable energy, this is known as sustainable developement, and is essential for long term economic wellbeing for a country.


    The idea that economic growth is bad for the enviroment is outdated. Green energy production is good for the enviroment. In addition, another booming industry is telecommunications, which uses wirless technology which is fine for the enviroment (alows people to communicate without the pollution associated with traveiling).

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    I agree with Benz and just a small point to make in addition to this, it is possible to have economic growth at a sustainable rate. We are going to see a new job market soon consisting of green jobs as well as eco-friendly social trends. Haven’t you heard? Green is the new black! 

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    There are a lot of ways in which is can be good, as the evidence suggests. However, it depends on the people in power and what they are doing to boost the economy.  If the President or a governmental leader creates jobs by boosting the coal or factory farming industry, then the economy may be up, but the environment is worse.  Fortunately, there is a definitely positive correlation between green industry and an increasing economy.

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    Experts aren’t really sure.  Many economists believe in the concept of decoupling, an idea which considers economic growth and environmental issues as separate.  While contentious, this theory allows for economic growth that does not harm the environment.

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    The way i see it is that Economic growth is bad for the enviornment, but at the same time is good. They may just cancel eachouther out. As the economy grows, more enviormental freindly resources, energy, and the alike are being produced helping save the economy. As long as huge factories that start producing more products as the economy grows have efficient clean machines that do not emit carbon dioxide, as well have a cap on the about that can be emmited. Then economic growth may be not as harmful to the enviornment, but it still will be damaging it. 

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