Is eco labeling accurate right now?



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    NO NO NO.  Be careful what you buy because you think it is “eco-friendly”.  Many products are still very harmful to the environment, even though they have substituted a few chemicals with natural ones to justify the label.  Here are a few ingredients you should check for when reading the labels:  Coal tar, fragrance, hydroquinone, aluminum, triclosan, lead, mercury, P-phenylenediamine, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, polyethylene glycol, talc, etc.  Also be weary of detergents and soaps that contain nitrogen or phosphorus compounds.  Not only are these chemicals terrible for the environment, but most are also carcinogenic.  

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    I agree.  However, you can look for things that are certified.  Products that contain the “certified organic” or “rainforest alliance” seals are assessed before they can tout these achievements.  The “eco-friendly” statement is a lot like the label “reduced fat”.  Ok, 29 grams of fat is reduced from 32, but does that mean it is healthy, not really.

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    Also…. i just recently bought an organic chapstick that claimed to be eco-friendly.  Yes, the ingredients are not harmful TO ME (they ARE organic) but they are harmful to the orangutans.  The first ingredient is palm oil, the largest contributor to habitat destruction. Ooops.  So much for trusting green companies.

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    Goodness, no. With “green” being so marketable there are so many companies, especially cosmetic ones, that are lying through their teeth about how “natural” (when there are still harmful chemicals!), organic (when they don’t even how a USDA sticker), sustainable (I’d believe it if I saw a third party certification – where do they source their stuff?) or great for your body and the planet. The Rainforest Alliance is a great certification so we know that the products we are buying aren’t harming animals’ natural habitat.

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