Eco-Friendly Prophylactics?

I saw a banner ad for Trojan on our beloved website and it sparked a question. Are condoms an environmental issue to the point where green (not the literal color) rubbers should be implemented? Every little bit helps I suppose. Just interested in what anyone has to say on the matter. There is some published work on the subject for reference.



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    I think I’m going to have to jump on the “every little bit counts” bandwagon.  I mean, why not feel good about safe, eco-friendly sex?  As long as they’re just as reliable and around the same price, they seem like a pretty easy way to reduce our environmental impact.

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    My understanding is that there are reliable eco-friendly products in terms of preventing pregnancy, but not so much in preventing STD’s.  Since everyone should be practicing safe sex, there should definitely be safe, effective, and affordable alternatives available – it really is a guaranteed global market.

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    What Trojan should advertise is the tremendous ecological impact each new person adds. The link talks about the C02 foot prints of babies and all the stuff that goes with them–though it is still pretty pro-baby.

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