Eco-friendly Hair Care

I have thin, oily hair that gets greasy easily. Is there a particular way anyone knows of to care for such a hair type? I am looking for eco-friendly, chemical free solutions. Thanks!



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    I actually have a similar hair type- my hair is thin and has little volume. This is a more expensive shampoo (I bought it because they had a try it free rebate. I think it was about $6.50 for a smaller bottle.) but it works really well for me. It is Renpure Organics Volumizing Shampoo. You don’t get as much in a bottle, but it highly concentrated (I could tell rubbing it in that it fluffed my hair up!) so you don’t need a lot of it. I also recommend any other organic shampoos that have detox or deep clean in the name for your issue with having oily hair. I really liked the volumizing shampoo from Nature’s Gate as well. 

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    A lot of products labelled “green,” “natures bosom,” etc, are done so as a marketing strategy and not much else. Quite frankly, if it comes in a plastic bottle, and you can buy it at a mall or CVS, it isn’t green. The absolute closest you will get is Doctor Bronners.

    The greenest thing of all, of course, is not to wash your hair at all. In fact, shampooing is a recent invention. Check out the link below, seriously, you’re probably a girl and it’s geared towards them. 

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    i also use Renpure Organics volumizing shampoo. I have fine, oily hair as well and I feel as though this shampoo does the trick as far as cleaning my hair and giving it a good amount of bounce. You can purchase it at CVS and perhaps Rite-Aid, so you won’t end up breaking the bank either. I recently bought the Whole Foods 365 brand shampoo and conditioner for oily hair and love these products as well. It leaves my hair a little cleaner than the Renpure products, and the conditioner does a good job of making my hair moisturized and very soft without weighing it down. So, I recommend both of these brands!

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