Is eco friendly cotton as soft as non eco friendly cotton?



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    Yes! It is just as soft as non eco friendly cotton – some would say it is softer. A lot of people prefer organic cotton because it’s grown without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Plus, it appears they remain just as soft after washing them constantly.

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    Organic Cotton is definitely softer than conventional cotton. I know because I got an organic cotton t-shirt at the Green Festival. Green Festival T-shirts are made by TS Designs, and you can get some of their T-shirts yourself to try it. Since much of my wardrobe consists of T-shirts made from conventional cotton that I obtained through volunteering, I noticed the difference immediately when I put on the Green Festival T-shirt. It is amazing!

    Bamboo is also a very soft environmentally friendly fabric. Hemp is not very soft, but it is very durable.

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