Is ebay or craigslist more eco friendly?



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    I would say Craigslist.  Their emphasis as far as selling goods is on used items, which is an attempt to stem consumerism in America.  Also, they have a specific link for jobs in the non-profit sector, many of which promote ecological awareness.

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    In my opinion it would be Craigslist.  However, scientifically this would be a very difficult thing to prove.  It seems that the use of planes and trucks for Ebay shipping would be far greater than that of Craigslist.  Craigslist is mostly a local forum where people can trade services and goods.  It is a means of recycling because many things that would have been tossed in a landfill are now being reused, and locally! 

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    I can see why you would say Craigslist, with its emphasis on selling used items and promoting jobs in the non-profit sector. However, Ebay has come a long way as well – they have created the Ebay Green Team, which essentially is to promote green living; their website is Ebay also has a “classifieds” section, listing used items for sale and even various jobs that Craigslist sometimes doesn’t have. 

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    That is a tough question. Craiglist doesn’t require people to ship anything but you may have to use gas to transport/buy merchandise. It’s a hard one for me to pick. I’d have to say both are even in my book.

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    I would say Craigslist because this site is focused on local buying and selling. People can find goods within a close proximity to their home — this can cut down the environmental costs of transportation.  Ebay ships everywhere, and shipping long distances requires enormous amounts of oil and other fossil fuels.  It’s a really tough call to make, but I personally think that Craigslist is more eco-friendly. 

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