Is ebay a green company?



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    In general yes, ebay is a greener company and business. They encourage the resale of items instead of purchasing new ones. They also encourage people to shop online instead of driving to malls, which is much more energy efficient. Ebay has an internal group called team green that works to make the company as green as possible.

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    Ebay also has a feature called ‘ebay classifieds’ on their site that promotes buying and selling locally, which helps to save resources that would otherwise be used to ship items long distance.

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    Ebay is probably the “greenest” of all the companies. However, I believe that no company is “green,” at the moment. Every company does “green” things for the sake of financial development of their corporations. However, they usually do not truly care about the environment, just what the consumer thinks of them. It is good that companies are changing to meet the environmental movement, but how much are they truly changing? I don’t think very much. 

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