Is eating yeast vegan?



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    Yes, vegans can eat yeast. Yeast is in the fungi family, same as mushrooms, and is not an animal or produced by an animal. 

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    Yes.  Yeast is not considered an animal product.  It would also be very difficult for a vegan to find food if yeast was not considered vegan, as so much of a vegan diet is carbs and baked goods.

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      I don’t agree with your summary on the vegan diet. Vegans eat a large variety of foods, including vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and seeds, all of which can be eaten without yeast. In fact, I think vegans often tend to be more creative in the kitchen than non-vegans.

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    Yes, yeast is vegan as it does not come from an animal. Yeast is actually a fungus, just like molds and mushrooms. It is a eukaryotic organism without chlorophyll, that can be either a single cell or a complex group of cells which contain fruit.

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    ^^^ In response to the most recent comment, vegans eat a lot of things that do not contain yeast and/or are not baked goods, like fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, legumes, sauces, and whole grains likes oatmeal, quinoa, or brown rice.

    However, sometimes its good for vegans to eat a particular kind of yeast, like nutritional yeast, for example, which often has the vitamin B12 not commonly found in vegan diets.  

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