Is eating tofu more environmentally friendly than eating meat?



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    Yes.  When you think about what goes into making tofu or other meat substitutes, vs what goes into feeding livestock, you realize that it is more environmentally friendly to avoid meat.  Livestock such as cattle require a large amount of feed to be grown for their food.  This means that we have to have a lot of pasture land, or farmed land just to feed the cattle.  In addition, the cattle expel methane gasses which is a greenhouse gas and is part of the global warming problem.  Then the cows have to be driven to market, processed and shipped to our stores.  If we would all not eat meat, we could just grow food for ourselves, skip the feeding another animal step, just process and bring it to market.  While it may not be practical to convince everyone to turn vegetarian, it is resonable to just cut back on one meaty meal per week to actually do some good for the environment.

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    …..try to be sure the tofu is not made from genetically grown soy beans.  if that were the case, versus free range and natural chicken…then meat would earn a higher stance on the environmentalism spectrum.

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    I’d say YES! By refusing to eat meat that is one less slaughtered cow in your stomach. Tofu doesn’t contain any animal derivatives which is why many vegans consume it. Tofu isn’t lined up, drugged, and murdered to satisfy the cravings of many.

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