Is eating organic better for your body?



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    Yes.  There are a few key health advantages that organic food has over conventional food.  The first is that organic foods don’t contain any artificial ingredients, such as hydrogenated oils, aritificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, colors, etc.  Such unnecessary additions to food have been shown to be dangerous to human health.  Along the same lines, organic foods are also not tainted with chemical fertilizers or pesticides, antibiotics or synthetic hormones.  The chemicals used in the production of food are known to be extremely dangerous to humans, and it is also known that a substantial amount of residues of these chemicals are present in the food available to consumers.  The precise impact of these chemicals is difficult to measure, but it seems clear that they are a threat to our health.  Finally, organic foods have also been shown to be more nutritious than conventionally farmed options.  There are several reasons for this, including that organic fruits and vegetables contain less water, so they’re more dense.  Chemical fertilizers and pesticides may also negatively impact the lack of nutritional value in plants.

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    Eating organic, wherther you are an omnivore or herbivore, will grant you great health benefits as maddie points out. Make sure to eat foods straight from the grower with no middleman and ask them about their process. Eating organic does not have to mean choosing between meat or plants. While humans have evolved from herbivores we are still pretty well suited to eat meat compared to other carnivores in my opinion barring ceratin biological factors like our saliva content and stomach acid concentration. Note that eating meat is a new luzury for most humans. Most likely those first couple years of meat eating from livestock was our healthiest moments in meat eating. Always try to buy from local farms and ask them if they used any chemicals or unnatural processes.

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