Is eating lobster in New England considered “Green” because it is local?

Or is the way they catch the lobster and crab not sustainable?



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    Eating locally produced/farmed foods is definitely a good step to eating green.  It severely cuts down the carbon emissions related with transporting food over long distances, and generally results in a fresher product as well.  Lobster is not usually farmed, so most of it should be wild.  There is some question about whether overfishing is affecting lobster in the Gulf of Maine, but the Eastern Canada offshore lobster trap fishery has been certified as sustainable by Marine Stewardship Council standards.

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    Yes, I would agree with Ashleigh and say that eating lobster in New England is green. As ashleigh said, lobster is wild caught, and often in New England it is by small commercial fishermen who sell them to fish markets or restaurants. In this sense, you are consuming a food that has been raised naturally in the wild, travelled little distance to your plate, and is supporting local and small producers. Of course, overfishing for lobster is a concern, as the price of the food suggests, but on the whole, eating a lobster in New England is certainly more green than a number of other food options. 

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