Is eating honey vegan?



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    This is up to interpretation.  The short answer is no.  Most vegans and most definitions of what it means to be a vegan state that any product that exploits animals in any way is outside of the realm of veganism.  However, many vegans have tried to make a case for veganism to include the consumption of honey.  Many state that discluding honey from a vegan diet is inconsistent with other practices.  These people, including Dr. Michael Greger, believe that the production of many other products that vegans do consume kills more insects than the production of honey.  Thus, this camp believes that in order to be as consistent as possible, honey should be incorporated into the short list of foods permitted under veganism. 

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    No.  Most vegans will not consume or use any product harvested from animals for human use.  This includes honey as well as milk, cheese, gelatin, rennet, fur, beeswax, and isinglass.

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    No, honey is not part of a vegan diet. Vegans do not eat any animal by-products, which would include honey, as it is produced by bees.

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    No.  Vegans usually don’t eat honey because it is an animal product.  Also, the bee/honey industry is often seen as unethical to vegans, which causes them to avoid it.  However, this is considered to be a “secondary” option; some vegans will discount certain things, and honey is often one of them.  Honey can be substituted with agave nectar or even maple syrup.

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    This is up for debate, and depends on a person’s definition of the term vegan. Honey is a product of insects, which are technically animals. By the strict black and white definition that vegans should not eat or use anything from any animal, then honey is out of the question. The argument for the other side, however, is that bees are just insects and do not feel pain as humans and other animals do. More so than that, people do not now know whether collecting and producing honey causes the bees more pain than harvesting vegetables causes for other related insects.

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