Is groundwater the easiest type of water to get contaminated?



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    No, though groundwater pollution caused from toxic chemicals leeching into aquifers is an easy way to contaminate water, surface waters are the most easily contaminated. Back before substantial environmental regulation, as much as seventy-five percent of the nation’s surface waters were polluted in some form. This is because its just so easy for anything on the surface of the Earth to just be swept away into a nearby river or lake, be it a piece of trash or the chemical run-off from a nearby factory farm.

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    Groundwater can actually be one of the cleaner forms of water, depending on what types of surfaces it has had to percolate through to enter the aquifer.  Natural rocks and sand formations can often filter out organic debris and some pathogens.  When it comes to heavy metals or radiation however, the water must be treated by a treatment facility before it is safe for consumption and other uses.

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