Is the earth trying to protect itself from humans?



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    When you observe the severity of natural disasters like tsunamis and wildfires it is easy to imagine the earth reacting to destructive human behaviors and attempting to wipe us out. Gaia theory proposes the notion that the Earth is much like an organism, in that the plants, animals, oceans, skies, and mountains have developed over time as one system which acts as a living being; some Gaia theorists suggest the earth is indeed “taking revenge” on us. Ancient pagan beliefs, and those of many tribal groups, also maintain that the Earth is alive. It’s difficult to “prove” but a compelling idea.

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    I don’t think you should look at it that way. The earth’s reaction to human effects is more of an effort to keep everything in balance. Everything on earth has to compete to survive. When we put pressure on animals’ habitats, plant populations, or even alter inanimate systems, they push back. It’s a natural reaction to anthropogenic changes.

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    For some reason serenidade’s response reminded me of the film “Avatar.” In the film, humans travel to a distant planet to harvest its natural resources. When they are about to chop down a giant tree, the planet takes action against the humans. Even though there is a lot of speculation and “beliefs” that the earth is retaliating against human behavior, I think that it’s mainly just trying to cope with the amount of damage that humans are creating. 

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