For Earth Hour, How much power is saved when you turn off 1 light.

I just need some information about earth hour, and some interesting facts about what one light switch (turned off) does to our community in a positive way. (during earth hour). Our school is putting on a presentation, and we need to let the students know that one light switch turned off makes a big difference, we don’t have alot of facts though. ~ And also, some of the previous answers we got were REALLY good! (and I mean… REALLY good). We wanted to use your answers in our school presentations… but we didn’t know if that was okay with you guys. So after answering, could you please write if it is okay to copy your answers or not.

Thanks for the support!



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    You can copy this answer, I pulled it from the EnergySavers website. Okay, so, the watt rating printed on a lightbulb will tell you how much energy it uses per hour. You convert the answer into hundredths of a kilowatt-hour. So if a 40-watt bulb is on for one hour, it uses 0.04kWh.

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