Is each progressive generation more environmentally conscious or is it more as a pendulum?



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    Interesting question.  It seems that each generation is becoming more and more environmentally conscious, but having a worse impact on the environment.  Looking back 3 or more generations, there were a lot more subsistence farmers and a lot less pre-packaged goods.  Individuals did not shower as frequently and practiced a lot less consumerism.  Families had one or no cars and used little fossile fuels.  However, at these times they were not concerned with saving the planet, but they did have a much lower impact.  These days many of us are concerned with reducing our footprint, but have a much larger one than our ancestors due to all the modern conveniences that we have become accustomed to.

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    There was a time in history when people were very environmentally conscious (many cultures were), and we’ve stepped away from that.  We’re beginning to step back to it, so in a sense it’s ating like a pendulum.

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