Is e-publishing greener than conventional print publishing?



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    Yes very much so. It doesn’t require all the natural resources going into the paper and ink for the printing. It is just released online and takes zero natural resources. Books are published and then many time destroyed or recycled back into other books, and they take a lot of resources.

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    E-publishing is greener than conventional publishing. Conventional publishing involves printing everything from books, to articles all on paper. This creates paper waste and also contributes to deforestation, as countless trees are cut down each year. And to this point, trees are necessary for our natural environment for many reasons including that they provide oxygen, help prevent soil erosion, absorb carbon dioxide, etc. Conventional publishing, since it involves printing, uses mass amounts of ink. And while ink may not be environmentally unfriendly, ink cartridges are. Cartridges must be recycled just as paper must be, but, like paper, many cartridges aren’t, which doesn’t help our earth. So, yes, E-publishing is definitely greener because it is strictly online publications (e-books, etc), and paper is saved, so consequently, so are trees, and there are fewer cartridges polluting our environment.

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