dust is a pollutant why



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    Dust is considered a pollutant by the EPA, who has specific mandates for companies or individuals moving earth or encouraging the spread of dust.  An example of such situations would be building or demolition sites, where water is usually sprayed to keep dust to a minimum. Dust is known to worsen hay fever and asthma symptoms in many cases.  However, the extent to which dust is a pollutant would depend on the context.  For example, whether a little dust in my water glass makes it “polluted” may vary–different people may have a different threshold for acceptable levels of this “pollutant” in their water.  In this case, the dust is in the water, but does not necessary pollute it.


    However, a clean room where computer equipment is manufactured or a surgical room may have a different standard, and one particle of dust could be considered a pollutant.

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