duplex printing saves one person how many sheets of paper



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    According to thedailygreen.com, the United States uses about 4 tons of paper annually, and about 27 pounds person. Duplex printing cuts those figures in half, with many modern printers using less ink to make vivid prints. Companies like HP and Epson have automatic duplex printing systems in which the user does not have to reload the pages to print on the other side, streamlining the process. In the long run, duplex printing can save many tons of paper per year in the USA and abroad.

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      But this site claims 128 pounds per person, with US at 738. http://www.care2.com/greenliving/copy-paper.html. Considering that I personally make about 50 copies a year average, and in an unusual year maybe 1000 copies, all these figures seem wildly high for individuals. Someone is mixing in the use by institutions such as schools, libraries, the military and other government institutions. Given the colossal differences between the numbers somebody is making bad guesstimates — or even lying straight out to make their products seem more important.

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      if you print one page weekly then duplex printing saves 26 sheets of paper per year

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