Duffel Bag & Backpack or Two Backpacks?

I’m travelling South and Central America for 6-7 months and hitting Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. So I’m wondering if it would be easier to bring a bigger duffel bag with a good day backpack or bring down a big backpack and a smaller day backpack. My only concern is doing some hiking but most is in Peru and when I do hike, there’s a mule that carries all your things while hiking so I wouldn’t have to worry about my arms getting tired carrying a duffel bag.if anyone has used both or even thought of both, would love your insight. Thanks



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    If the hike is your concern I cannot recommend you a wheeled luggage bag. But make sure your duffel is wheeled and your backpack as well. Your trip covers many locations. How long is it? Depending on the same, I can recommend you, either a backpack or a daypack. I mostly carry along a Tumi Luggage bag and Eagle Creek’s backpack during my travels.

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    I think two backpacks sounds good. Personally I always prefer having my arms and hands free instead of lugging around a bag in my hands. And if you get a chance to leave your larger backpack somewhere you can still carry your little one for hikes, etc. Enjoy your trip! Sounds awesome.

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