Due to the recent economic slowdown there are so many shoplots(business premises) lying idle without tenants

But the landlords(shoplot owners) has to make regular payments to banks for the outstanding loans. When the shops are empty, lights, aluminium panels and other building items are stolen. There is no tenant renting for long time, the buildings look horrible withour new paints. But the landlords dont mind paying to bank from their pockets. Any viable idea for the landlords instead of keeping empty why make use of it for some better things?



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    If the neighborhoods could convince the landlord to let them do anything, whatever it was could include the city’s youth, providing them with community service and an after-school activity. It would be great to create an initiative to the areas into facilities to start a inner-city gardens. A volunteer could work at the site during the day, and older children could help pot vegetables and flowers. The plants could be kept in the empty building over the winter, and part of the project could be finding a permanent site to plant them.

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