Is dry grass a big problem for wild fires?



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    Yes. Fires can sweep over larges swaths of dry grass areas and in such a case the fire doesn’t need any other material to burn or to spread. Grass wild fires are a frequent occurrence in dry areas such as southern California.

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    Absolutely. Dry grass and brush are highly flammable and conductors of fire; just the heat from car exhaust is enough to ignite an entire dry area. In order to keep your home safe from wildfires, it is important to clear away dry grass at least 50 feet on all sides and trim branches that are less than 15 feet from the ground so a grass fire won’t climb up them.

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    Dry grasses are a fire hazard, especially during hot summer months. They can ignite from a small spark such as a cigarette or camp fire and spread rapidly out of control. They could ignite large plants, trees, shrubs, homes, and buildings. Grass should be maintained and cut to a height of 10 cm or less. Dry or dead trees, shrubs, and bushes are also a major concern for fire safety and should also be maintained.

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