Is dry food unhealthy for dogs?



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    Dry versus canned food doesn’t really make a difference for dogs, aside from the amount of plaque that can build up between the two (canned usually results in more plaque, but that’s because of the dog’s size: smaller dogs have more crowded teeth, meaning they’re harder to clean). What matters in dry dog food is the ingredients. When you look at the back of a bag of dog food, you want to make sure than the primary ingredients are meat, fish, and eggs because that provides dogs with the protein they need. Fillers like corn and wheat are bad for dogs, because they don’t give the dogs anything they truly need to be healthy, so it’s good to avoid dry dog foods that have these as primary ingredients.

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    There are some differences between feeding a dog dry or wet food health-wise. The action of eating dry food helps to strengthen a pet’s jaw muscles, along with satisfying a cat or dog’s natural chewing instinct. The dry food is believed to remove some plaque and tartar from a pet’s teeth through mechanical scraping, which is further aided by the animal drinking water after eating dry food. Wet food alone does not provide this abrasive action. Eating wet food can cause a build-up of plaque on the dogs teeth, and can cause tooth decay.

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