Is drinking a lot of tea good for your health?



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    Tea certainly contains health benefits, with many containing powerful antioxidants that can combat cancer. Teas have historically been created to enhance the benefits of a specific herb or plant, such as chamomile, anise, lavender… the list goes on. It also contains less caffeine than coffee, and so can be considered a more healthy alternative if you need to get your caffeine fix. Teas are a great way to use alternative medicine at its best!

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    Extensive research has also shown that drinking green tea specifically has the potential to reduce heart disease. Other limited studies have shown that it may play in role in reducing cholesterol, burning fat, preventing diabetes and stroke, and even staving off dementia. These limited studies are still in the works but there has been no denying that green tea contains many antioxidents and other compounds that all help maintain good health.

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    The only caution i would set forth is that teas with a higher concentration of caffeine (black tea primarily) can offset your water intake if you drink a lot if …. like i do.  It can leave you feeling a little disoriented and lead to headaches, but the easy fix is to drink more water.  Herbal teas, white and green tea have little to no caffeine so drinking more of it isn’t much of a problem.  Black and oolong teas have a lot of benefits, but balance is key.

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    An article published by New Scientist magazine, studies suggest that green tea helps protect against a range of cancers including lung, prostate, and breast cancer. Research is shown that the growth of human lung cancer cells is slgnificantly slowed after drinking two or three cups of green tea. Research was shown that people who drink at least one cup of green tea per day were five times less likely to develop lung cancer. 

    Green tea has also been indicated to raise metabolic rates, speeds up fat oxidation and improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. Possible ant diabetes effect, boost in mental alertness, and boost in immune system are all potential benefits of drinking tea. 

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