Is drinking decaf coffee a better choice than regular?



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    I depends on why you would choose to make the switch.  If you like to drink several cups of coffee a day and are trying to reduce your caffeine intake without too much difficulty, decaf could be for you (at least as a replacement for some of the regular coffee).  It’s important to note that decaf coffee is not completely decaffeinated–according to the article below if you drink 5-10 cups of decaf coffee, that could be about the same as a regular cup of caffeinated coffee, so decaf isn’t a great option if you’re going to drink more to compensate for the loss of caffeine.  It’s a good reduction if you want to moderate your intake.  Also, decaf is usually a better option for people with heart problems or pregnant women.  If you only drink a cup of regular coffee a day, it probably will not make a difference, unless you have other health problems.  I should also mention: decaf tastes exactly the same as regular–so if you really enjoy the taste of regular coffee, never fear!

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    If your question relates to production, than I would say no.   Decaffeinating the coffee requires that the majority of caffeine be removed (international standard is 97%, EU standard is 99.9%).  The process generally involves using a solvent that extracts the caffeine while leaving the other essential chemicals.  That process is repeated anywhere from 8-12 times until the beans meet the standard required. 

    A number of different processes are listed and discussed at the link.

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