dos geothermal have advantages



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    Geothermal energy can be said to have several advantages. For one, it doesn’t cause pollution. It uses all natural sources and doesn’t need things that breath chemicals into the air in order to work. It harnesses what is already there in a fairly harmless fashion. The costs are less of a hindrance than more traditional means of energy as well, which is always something to get the attention of the corporations.


    The issues that prevent it from happening can come from the disadvantages, though. Things such as just how much energy it can put out compared to existing sources and limited locations to harness useful amounts of energy make many companies doubt its usefulness.

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    Geothermal energy is a completely renewable energy source.  As an energy source, geothermal energy is considered to be sustainable because geothermal extraction does not speed the cooling of the earth’s core in a major way.  Though geothermal drilling does release small doses of subterranean greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and methane, the emissions pale in comparison to those released from burning fossil fuels. 

    The one drawback to geothermal energy is that many countries do not have access to it because there are few viable geothermal extraction points around the world.

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