Is dogfood organic?



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    Not all dog food is organic, although organic pet food is available in most stores. Most conventional pet food is made with chemicals, fillers, and preservatives, while organic pet food is similar to organic people food, and often contains fresh meats, whole grains, all-natural fruits and vegetables, and complete vitamin and mineral supplements.

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    No, not unless it is labeled as organic. Many types of dog food contain artificial ingredients and preservatives that are not necessarily healthy for your dog. Organic food, by comparison, tends to be a bit more expensive and deliver smaller portions of food, but is healthier. Visit the citations below for more of the health advantages of organic food.

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    You have to read the ingredients and read about the brand that produces the dogfood in order to determine if it is organic. Castor Pollux makes a dog food called Organix. Organix contains 100% organic ingredients such as organic free-range chicken, organic brown rice, and organic fruit and veggies. It does not contain wheat, soy, or corn.

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