Dog wood tree

i have a dog wood tree with black spots on it and it seems to drop sticky stuff in the summer time whats wrog with my tree ????does anyoneknow???




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    This is most likely due to a fungus. My guess would be Dogwood Anthracnose, which is characterized by purplish and tan spots appearing on the tree and oozing spores in the spring-summer time. You can deal with Dogwood Anthracnose by reducing the stress of your tree (giving it enough mulch, proper water, etc.), applying fungicides, and giving the tree more sun, as fungus grows in shady spots. However, depending on the spread of the infection, it might be too late for your tree, in which case, you could cut it down and grow a more resistant variety of Dogwood.

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    Just a little more about Dogwood Anthracnose—the fungus that causes the disease first appeared in the northeastern United States in the 1970s and spread westward from there. Symptoms include small, purple spots on the leaves or tan spots on the leaf margins. If the affected leaves are staying on the tree through the fall and into the spring, it is likely that your tree does have Anthracnose rather than other fungal issues that can affect leaves. Your best bet at trying to save the tree is to prune affected branches, using a fungicide, and raking away fallen leaves that have been affected.

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