Is a dog a mammal?



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    A dog is a mammal for the following reasons:

    • It feeds its young on mother’s milk – this is the primary reasons, and the one, single thing that all mammals share
    • The young are born live, and not hatched (although there is a very small number of egg-laying mammal species)
    • It has hair/fur
    • It is warm-blooded
    • It breathes through lungs

    These are the characteristics of a mammal.

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    Some other distinguishing features that all mammals have including dogs is the presence of sweat glands  including those that are specialized to produce milk. Mammals also have a double occipital condyle: they have two knows at the base of the skull which fit into the topmost neck vertebra, and other vertebrates have a single occipital condyle. All mammalian brains posses a neocortex, a brain region that is unique to mammals. 

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