Doesn’t the science point towards human effected global warming?

How are people still not convinced?



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    Most scientific evidence convincingly points to the reality of global warming, but some people still refuse to accept the problem as a fact. Ny studying ice cores from Antarctica, scientists can compare atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide with temperature variations over the past 400,000 years of the earth’s history. This evidence shows an increase in temperature that is correlated with a spike in CO2 concentration.

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    The science is pretty much unequivocal at this point. Nearly all legitimate, respected scientists accept that global warming is wrought by humans. You can check out for more information on this. The reason some people don’t believe it is mainly because it will be hard to change to halt climate change. They would be more comfortable not having to change, and not have to feel guilty for their energy consumption. By all accounts, it will cost a lot of money to head off global warming, and it’s much easier to believe we can’t do anything about it, even if it’s blatantly false.

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