Does your eyesight deteriorate as you get older?



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    Yes, eyesight does deteriorate as you age.  This is because it is very difficult for your eye to focus since the lens becomes harder.  Many people in their 40’s and 50’s need “readers.”  Even if they have can see perfectly far away, the readers help them to read things up close that they otherwise couldn’t read.  

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    Eyesight also deteriorates with the developementof cataracts, which happens to many people as they get older. Cataracts are a clouding of the lense, which happens when the proteins in the lense clump together. Cataracts can be fixed by surgically replacing the lense with an artificial one. Also, certain dideases and disorders can effect the optical nerve, which can lead to total blindness.


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    Every time I go for a checkup at my eye doctor, I find that my eyesight gets a little bit worse. It’s really just a normal part of aging, and it’s important to keep your eyes healthy. This can also be said for keeping your body healthy in general as you age. As you get older you start to encounter more health problems, but being healthy and in shape can help you overcome obstacles. I just hope that my eyesight won’t get so bad that I will have to wear coke-bottle lenses. 

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