Does your breath have carbon dioxide when you are sleeping?



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    Yes. Every time you breath, whether awake or asleep, you are releasing Carbon Dioxide into the air.

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    An average adult breathes about 0.5 liters of air per breath at rest. CO2 makes up about 4% of exhaled air. This means that you breathe out about 0.03 grams of CO2 with each breath during sleep.

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    Your lungs convert air into carbon dioxide. Every time you breath out you are emitting a small amount of CO2, which is another reason that overpopulation is a problem, but there are WAYYY bigger environmental issues regarding CO2 than human breath.

    Here are some tips to cut your personal carbon emissions:
    1. Eat locally grown and produced food.
    2. Use compact flouresent or LED lights.
    3. Unplug all electrical items that aren’t in use.
    4. Take cooler showers, and wash your clothes in cold water.
    5. Air dry your clothes.
    6. Use a laptop computer instead of a desktop.
    7. Don’t over heat your home – make sure your walls, windows, and doors are insulated properly.
    6. Walk, bike, or take public transportation instead of driving.

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