Does the World Cup cause more carbon emissions than any other event, with people travelling from all over the world?



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    It’s hard to tell. For example, would the hotel lights be on even if the world cup wasn’t in town? Would these people still be driving in their own countries if they had not attended the world cup? There are many factors that play into it. However, 67% of the emissions caused by the world cup are from international travel.

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    Wow, I was going to say no, that the olympics would certainly have a much larger footprint, but apparently that is wrong (at least for the 2010 world cup).  Because South Africa gets most of its energy from burning coal (in addition to the emissions due to travel) this world cup will have twice the emissions of the Beijing olympics and nine times more than the world cup in Germany. 

    However, I wonder how a comparison with a winter olympics would fare.  I would guess there is still quite a bit of international travel, and much more construction if it is held in a city that has not hosted this event before.  In addition, making or trucking in snow is quite energy intensive.

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