Does window tint in your house save you energy?



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    Yes. Window tinting helps reflect a lot of the sun’s rays in the summertime, keeping your house cool. In the winter, it insulates the house, retaining heat. As a result, you’ll save a lot on cooling/heating costs, as your house will more often be at a good temperature.

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    Yes. Tinting your homes windows can save money in a variety of ways. It reduces glare and heat, can reduce heat gain and keeps the sun’s harmful rays out of your home, and keeps you warmer in the winter by retaining heat. Your drapes and furniture will have less fading. It can come in clear, can help burglar-proof your home, and generally costs between $7 to $12 per square foot for professional installation. Not to mention the government is offering an incentive to homeowners who take energy-saving steps.

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    Yes, window tinting can save you energy. Window tinting blocks out up to 95-99% of UV rays, and reflects back any harsh heat away from the home. So, the interior of the home will be cooler, thus saving on air conditioning costs.

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