Does wind cause erosion?



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    Indeed it does!  Wind blows particles like sand and small stones that chip away at various edifices, both nature-made and man-made.

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    It most certainly does. Soil that is not covered in vegetation, is sloped and is dry is particularly vulnerable to wind erosion. During the Dust Bowl in the 1930s, high winds caused severe dust storms and topsoil erosion as literally the soil that grew the nation’s food was picked up and moved and deposited in the Atlantic Ocean.

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    Yes, wind does cause erosion, especially as a result of tilling (tilling land). Wind erosion involves taking off the top layer of soil where the nutrients are, so crops have difficulty growing. Wind erosion can be prevented by tilling land less. You could also prevent wind erosion by planting more trees and other vegetation. Vegetation acts as wind blocks, and because of the heights of trees, they may be the best blockers of wind.

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    Wind is the main form of erosion in very arid climates. There are two main effects to wind erosion. First, wind causes small particles to be lifted and therefore moved to another location in a process called deflation. Second, the suspended particles may impact on solid object causing erosion by abrasion. Wind erosion generally happens in areas with little or no vegetation and rainfall. 

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