Does the Wii use more energy than a PS3?



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    Yes, while power draw differs per CPU use with different games or in standby, the Wii draws consistently around 17W, where the PS# draws around 185W and the XBOX 360 draws about 194W. For details concerning the testing procedures for obtaining this data look over the process here:

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    According to one “showdown” test between all major game consoles (including the PC), the Wii used an average of 17.8 watts during game play; the PS3, 193.6 watts.

    When “idling”: Wii 13.5 watts, PS3 177.17 watts.

    When in “standby”: PS3 1.9 watts, Wii 1.3 watts (with “Connect24” feature turned off), Wii 9.6 watts (with “Connect24” feature turned on).

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