does the white siberian tiger have any predators



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    There are no other siberian tiger predators besides humans. The Siberian tiger is a top predator and exceptionally large males weigh up to 660 pounds and have a maximum length of 13 feet. Plus, they feature some pointy four-inch canines and are equipped with razor-sharp claws. Regardless of their massive bulk, these tigers can run as fast as 40 miles per hours, and sometimes even 50 mph. They are strong and powerful, and yet very agile. In the Russian Far East, some Siberian tigers even prey on adult brown bears, which can weigh up to 800 pounds.

    Technically, not even humans are considered predators, because we don’t kill them for food.

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    The white Siberian tiger does not have predators in the wild, but the biggest threat to them are humans. They are hunted for their thick, dense coats, which are the thickest out of all tiger species. “Today there are believed to be only a few hundred of them left in the wild.”

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    Siberian tigers are known as apex predators. These predators have virtually no predators of their own, residing at the top of the food chain. They are at the top of long food chains where they have a crucial role in maintaining the health of their ecosystems. While tigers seem to be atop of the food chain, there have been records of brown bears killing tigers, either in disputes over prey or in self defense, and there has been one instance where the brown bear at the tiger. 

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