Does the white house have solar panels on it?



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    In October 2010 it was announced that the white house would be installing solar panels. But unfortunately it’s more than a year later and the panels have yet to go up. While it’s unclear what exactly is keeping the project from going through the panels have yet to be put on the white house.

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    Actually, there used to be solar panels on the White House for a short time. Jimmy Carter put them up and Ronald Reagan took them down, which goes to show that solar panels are nothing new. Much of the resistance to green technology comes from political sources.

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    Like the others have mentioned, Jimmy Carter did have solar panels installed, the they were taken out. President Obama had promised to have new ones installed by this past spring, and he has yet to make good on the promise. I suspect political reasons are behind the delay, which is odd considering the fortitude the President has shown for solar power advocacy. Perhaps his mind is on other matters, including the upcoming election.

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