Does what is going on in our life effect our dreams?



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    The mechanisms of sleep are still not very well understood. There are many theories of what dreams are and what causes them, everything from random memory activation to expressions of your Id and inner most desires. But in either case it i accepted the what is happening to you or what you are thinking about before you go to sleep will influence your dreams. Often people and/or situations can appear in your dreams that were one your mind before you went to sleep.

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    Yes; dreams often contain symbols and messages within them that tries to help you in your waking life. If you are in a stressful situation, or are in a harmful situation, your dreams will most likely reflect that or help you cue in to things that we could miss in our day to day lives. Also, your dreams reflect things that you might not consciously think about but are thing that are buried deep within our subconscious and unconscious mind. Interpreting your dreams could be helpful in your waking life and could help in creating possible solutions to your waking life problems. This is useful website for dream interpretation:

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