Does whale meat taste like fish?



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    Whale tastes a lot like reindeer or moose meat, it’s a mammal after all. It doesn’t resemble fish in taste at all, it’s much more gamey, when unseasoned. For customers who don’t like the gamey taste, however, whale meat is frequently cured, marinated, and slathered with sauces to improve the taste.

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    I have never personally eaten whale meat – but my understanding from those that have, is that it does not taste so much like fish, but being a mammal, more like beef, but very much dependent on where on the whale it is from.

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    Here’s a firsthand account from someone who didn’t know what it was until he already ate it. Someone gave it to him and told him to guess what it was when he asked.

    “The meat was salty and chewy, though a bit tougher than corned beef. There was also a strip of white fat clinging to it. I stuck to my guns–had to be beef.”

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