Does the western pine beetle only attack pine trees?



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    These western pine beetle, also known as Dendroctonus brevicomis, only attack pine trees. Their diet range is very narrow, limiting them to only ponderosa, coulter, lodgepole, sugar, white pine trees. The geographic range of these beetle, where they attack, is Nevada and California. These western pine beetle tend to only attack pine trees that are rendered vulnerable by drought, old age, overstocking, wind damage, fire or disease and maybe road construction damage. Pitch tubes along the pine trunk indicate that beetle have already attacked the tree.

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    Yes, the western pine beetle prefers pine trees, therefore the name.

    The western pine beetle can aggressively attack and kill Ponderosa and Coulter pine trees of all ages and vigor classes that are 6 inches (15 cm) or larger in diameter, including apparently healthy trees. Group killing of trees is common in dense, overstocked stands of pure, even-aged, young saw timber, but also occurs among dense clumps of pine in stagnating mixed-conifer stands. One million or more trees containing more than 1 billion board feet of timber may be killed each year during an outbreak.

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