Does water or alcohol have a higher boiling point?



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    Both ethanol (the kind of alcohol we drink) and methanol (which is used in antifreeze and makes you go blind if you drink it) will boil at lower temperatures than water. 

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    Water has a higher boiling point.  Its boiling point is 100 degrees Celsius.  Alcohol (grain, ethanol) has a lower boiling point of 78.5 degrees Celsius.  This is why in cooking, alcohol substances may be used to add flavor, but the alcohol itself is burned off so that there is none in the food.  

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    You’ll see from this table that it varies, depending on the type of alcohol.  Water boils at 100 degrees celsius so some forms of alochol have higher boiling points while others have lower ones.


    Alcohol – ethyl (grain, ethanol) C2H5OH 79
    Alcohol – allyl 97.2
    Alcohol – butyl-n 117
    Alcohol – methyl (wood, methanol) CH3OH 64.7
    Alcohol – propyl 97.5
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