Does the waste management industry make a lot of money off of our trash?



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    Depends on what you mean by “a lot”. Private waste management companies obviously make enough to have an acceptable profit. Typical business profit margins are around 8% or so in the US (but it varies from 1% or less to 30% or more). That means for every dollar of revenue you will make 8 cents. Obviously that will depend very much on the nature of the trash you are handling; aluminum will likely yield a greater profit than garbage.

    Also, many private waste management companies are effectively subsidized by local municipal or other governments; they may not actually be making any profit at all, and might take a loss but for those subsidies. It depends very much on exactly what they are handling, and how their contracts are set up (i.e., directly with consumers, with a city government, with arrangements with metals recyclers, etc.).

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