Does Wal-Mart sell organic fruits and veggies?



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    Yes, Wal-Mart sells organic produce. They are also a leader in recycling, by recycling 180 million pounds of material and also rewarding products with more eco-friendly packaging with better placement on shelves.

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    Walmart does sell organic produce and it is set to surpass Whole Foods in the the organic foods market (circa 2006).  However, Wal-Mart’s sale of organic produce may threaten to reduce organic food standards, as well as push small organic farmers from the market.

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    Walmart has decided to use its corporate clout to trim the waistlines and boost the heart health of the American public. Walmart executives pledged to cut the sodium content of processed foods by 25 percent, remove all trans fats and hydrogenated oils from packaged goods, and cut added sugars by 10 percent by the year 2015. They plan to carry this out by requiring that food makers follow these guidelines in order to sell their wares in its stores.

     According to Leslie Dock, Walmart’s executive vice president of corporate affairs “living better means finding foods that will help families live better lives and find those foods at prices they can afford.”

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