Does Wal-Mart sell a lot of eco friendly products?



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    Wal-Mart is attempting to be extremely eco-friendly by not only selling recycled pet products (first citation), but by also taking it upon the individual stores to stock local produce (second citation).  Selling local instead of factory farmed produce eliminates much unnecessary shipping, which reduces the carbon footprint of the situation exponentially.

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    This is just my personal experience with wal-mart.

    in the produce, a lot is very local, in the same state/region

    household cleaning products- always a “green/natural” option for cleaners…

    I have trouble finding recycled TP but I have found recycled PT at wal-mart 🙂

    *I also once found clothes made from recycled fibers… although I really don’t know if they consistently do this with a lot of their clothes.

    sorry I don’t get everything there, it’s not much but I did want to note what I have seen!


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    I wouldn’t say a majority of their products is eco-friendly. However, as previously stated they do have a generous amount of eco-friendly products. I saw the other day they have an eco-friendly crib and their beauty section has some “organic” shampoos and cosmetics. I’m not too sure with their produce, however in terms of sourcing.

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