Does volcanic activity heat the ocean?



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    Yes, the ocean floor is riddled with volcanoes and cracks that spew liquid hot magma. Many islands, like the Haywain island chain, are the products of millions of years of volcanic activity. Additionally, hydrothermal vents, which spew liquid hot steam and nutrients from cracks in the Earth’s crust have attracted many organisms. At many of these vents around the oceans, entire ecosystems thrive without drawing any of their energy from the sun. These are the only known ecosystems that can sustain life with an energy source other than the sun, which powers all other life in some form or another.

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    The deep ocean hydrothermal vents would not be called ‘volcanic’ in the usual sense of molten rock erupting onto the sea floor. Such volcanism certainly does heat up the ocean, locally and temporarily. Volcanism does nothing significant in the long term to heat up ocean water.

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