Does Vogue magazine have an eco fashion section?



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    Vogue doesn’t have a regular section on Eco-Fashion, however they commonly feature green lines of clothes and accessories within the pages of their magazine. Sample articles include and

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    Vogue has done a number of features about green fashion. They are definitely working to make green fashionable. 

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    Vogue has done a lot of things concerning the environment.  Cameron Diaz was on the cover and deemed “The Queen of Green” by the magazine.  On the June 2009 cover, Diaz was featured wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim eco-dyed 100% natural silk dress, and an Eco Emporia belt made from a reused fire hose.  According to John Vidal’s Environment Blog, Vogue has been working to produce an environmental issue, which has came out since the post.  There is also a Facebook page that backs up this suggestion.

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    Vogue specifically has covered a lot of green and sustainable fashion, which I think illustrates a broader (if fleeting) trend in the fashion industry. In fact, just a few days ago PPR, which owns labels like Balenciaga, Gucci, and YSL, announced the development of a “creative sustainability lab”, which will seek to develop more eco-friendly products. The company has also agreed to buy carbon off-sets for its labels, which, at nearly 100,000 tons a year, is a significant pledge.

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